Oliver Triendl, Piano

Wen-Sinn Yang, Cello  

During the time with no concert opportunities due to the covid 19 crisis I took up a CD Project together with Oliver Triendl about works by a group of composers named „École de Paris“.
The CD will be released these days.

Up to now you can purchase the CD here: It is 17 € including German shipping
From other countries it is 15€ for the CD and we charge the individual shipping costs

Here is a little blog with some music from the Album. Listen from the beginning and from 30:00 min
We apologize that the blog is in German language only – but not the music.

Listen to more music by Wen-Sinn Yang and Oliver Triendl on youtube


Ecole de Paris – Composers in Exile 17/07/2021
“The cellist Wen-Sinn Yang is recognized for his interest in bringing cello music from the virtuoso 19th century to the present day to audiences. In doing so, he repeatedly lands on little-known composers and works, as he does to some extent in this recording. The playing of this Munich-based teacher is characterized by his mastery of the instrument as well as by his performance style, which produces a wide range of subtly developed tones from the cello, so refined to make us forget the size and thus the supposed sluggishness of the instrument.”

by Uwe Krusch (Pizzicato)