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Dominy Clements, MusicWeb International

BOCCHERINI Cello Concertos: No. 10 in D, G. 483; No. 2 in D, G. 479; No. 3 in G, G. 480; No. 9 in B♭, G. 482 • Wen-Sinn Yang (vc); Georg Egger, cond ; Bozen String Academy • ARTS 47754-8 (SACD: 78:01)

This is the kind of disc which grows on you as you take greater involvement in what is going on. With such a delicious bed of sound on which to develop his solo line, Wen-Sinn Yang responds with fine delicacy to the thematic morsels which Boccherini so delicately serves up. The technical tricks of double-stopping and the higher melodic range often used are taken effortlessly and with a fine range of rhythmic emphasis and articulation…

…Take Boccherini’s charm and the present musicians’ skill at face value, and this is a disc which won’t disappoint.

Steve E. Ritter, Fanfare

BOCCHERINI Cello Concertos: No. 10 in D, G. 483; No. 2 in D, G. 479; No. 3 in G, G. 480; No. 9 in B♭, G. 482 • Wen-Sinn Yang (vc); Georg Egger, cond ; Bozen String Academy • ARTS 47754-8 (SACD: 78:01)

…Yang is quite the wunderkind, appointed as principal cellist to the Bavarian Radio Orchestra when only 24 year old. Now 45, his maturity in tackling these gems shows in every bar, with a finger-fleet dexterity that makes one catch one’s breath. When fuller, more rounded tone is called for, it is found in ample supply, and his accompanying orchestra is up to every minute in these robust and exceptionally pliant modern-instrument performances.

There are some 60-odd recordings available with at least a few Boccherini cello concertos on them, very few dedicated to the complete series (12). I can recommend this one as perhaps the best yet, especially as it comes in warm and detailed surround sound of the highest quality…

MusicWeb International, June 2010

June 8th 2010, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Grzegorz Nowak, Cadogan Hall, London Tchaikovsky: Roccoco Variations op. 33 – by Bob Briggs

…Wen-Sinn Yang, a young Swiss cellist of Taiwanese heritage, is a new name to me and he impressed with his elegant and sensitive performance of the Rococo Variations. For once, here was a performance where the soloist didn’t think he was playing a major 19th century Concerto. …his playing and command of the music was superb.

Russian Magazine, April 2010

The first part of the evening, in accordance with a dedication to the festival was given to the cello. Variation on a Rococo Theme by Tchaikovsky were performed by the Russian débutant, Swiss, Wen-Sinn Yang, whose main musical merit was a deep, dull and noble sound. The performer succeeded in lyrical variations, in which quality of the sound was brought in the forefront.

Gulf Times, Qatar – march 8, 2010

Qatar Philharmonic welcomes top cellist
…to see such a master at work was a delight for those who attended the performance, and following the concerto, Yang played one of J S Bachs solo cello suites – another beautiful performance which totally captured the attention of the audience…

L’Arena, Verona, dec. 18, 2007

one hour and a half of great music with three artists that breath together… in Caikovskij they have built a monument to music, masterly playing the very difficult variations… the sound of the strings was extraordinarily intense and Takezawa and Yang seemed to converse through music, offering “cantabili” of rare beauty… Strabbioli tied everything with his usual skillfulness … one of the most difficult and complicated score of chamber music appeared “easy” in his hands … Extraordinary success and final standing ovation, repaid by Tango-Pathétique as encore.

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